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For any business organization, whether small, medium or large managing its payroll is not only time-consuming job in term of manpower but also do not generate any income to the organization. It is virtually impossible for the management to make compliances up-to-date and that to on time as the rules and regulation of various applicable labor welfare laws keep on changing time to time. Therefore, keeping in view the complicity and to get away from this tedious job, outsourcing of payroll management is only solution.

It involve hiring an outside agency to do the routine work of salary calculation and its disbursement on prefix date to the employees account online and to comply with  related statutory compliances on regular basis.

Benefit of outsourcing Payroll Services

  • Services from qualified professional at an economical prices.
  • Timely disbursement of salary to the staff.
  • Cost-effective in term of manpower.
  • Settlement of employees grievances.
  • Timely compliance of all applicable rules and regulation.
  • Professional team to address Legal notices and their action.
  • Focus on core activity by the management.

Payroll Management Services include

  • Managing attendance records, leave records and pay register
  • Processing of salary as per the data supplied by the client such as – Salary Structure, Attendance, Incentive, Parcugits, other benefits, Salary Increment etc.
  • Disbursement of Salary online and on time.
  • Issuance of monthly salary slip to the employees.
  • Preparation of Salary Register.
  • Monthly Salary Report to the management.
  • Redressal of employees grievances 
  • Timely compliance of all applicable rules and regulation. 
  • To attend all legal notices received from Government Departments.
  • Calculation of leave encashment, overtime, bonus etc.


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