Insolvency –Bankruptcy Code services

Insolvency Bankruptcy Code – Services.

STEP 1 – Case study,  Status Report and advise proposed action and precautions

  • Pre - Forensic audit considering provisions of IBC 2016
  • Re-Structuring of transactions with predefined objective
  • Feasibility study
  • Recovery of debt through CIRP
  • Closure of Company through Voluntary Liquidation
  • Filing of petition for initiating CIRP / Voluntary Liquidation

STEP 2 – Advisory and Assistance during CIRP

  • Structuring and preparation  of resolution plan
  • Assistance in negotiation of resolution plan
  • Dealing with forensic / transaction auditor
  • Assistance in Valuation of assets
  • Advising on tax / non tax benefits possible under resolution plan

STEP 3 -  Post CIRP support Service to reach logical end

  • Change in data in MCA  (i.e appointment of new directors, removal of old directors , issue of new capital , write off existing paid up capital )
  • Waiver off past demand of Income Tax , GST , Service tax etc
  • Restructuring of Balance sheet post Acquisition of control
  • Assistance in completing pending accounts , filing of annual return under Companies Act 2013 and Income Tax return
  • Availing of Carry forward losses under Income Tax Act and input credit under GST Act
  • Advising on capital structure ,post acquisition
  • Handling monitoring Committee


  • To identify Interim resolution professional (IRP), Resolution Professional (RP) and Liquidator.
  • Preparing proposal for acquiring a company as going concern under liquidation