Payroll Services

We can take care of your Payroll needs, Providing you with a immediate cost Payroll Servicesreductions of upto 40-50% and minimizing your risk of penalties and also saves a lot of time to focus on your core business more efficiently.

We can relieve you of time taking and tedious numerous work such as keeping track of Time cards/sheets, Leave forms, Attendance records, Deadlines, Reports, Prepare employee earnings statements complete with current pay period and year-to-date wages, Taxes and adjustment, Prepares timely and accurate notifications of tax liabilities and deposits, Complete Year end Salary Certificates, Respond to requests for employee verifications, Prepare, File and pay all Federal, State and local payroll taxes, Reconcile health insurance payments and make payroll deductions when required etc.

We work as your accounting back office, To provide you with accurate, Timely, with minimized risk all your payroll related activities. These repetitive activities once outsourced to Accounts Next will deliver cost savings, From hiring, Training and managing the in house staff and also enable you to focus on your core business besides always having your employees satisfied with timely and accurate payments. We also offer customized payroll processing services and solutions to fit your requirements, Please feel free to ask us, How we can assist you.

Benefits of Outsourcing Payroll Services to Accounts

  • Cost benefit to the tune of 40-50%.
  • Reprieve from repetitive, tedious administrative work
  • Timely and Accurate Payments
  • No risk of penalties or fines on accounts of mistakes or delays
  • Complete compliance of regulations
  • No Staffing requirements, No hiring, Recruiting or training needed.
  • More time to focus on core competencies
  • Present staff is free in taking more responsibilities.
  • Payroll taken care by experts.

Services Offered in Payroll Outsourcing :-

  • Preparation of employment contracts
  • Withholding tax compliances by the employer
  • Employee Compensation Structuring
  • Provident Fund, ESI and Gratuity related legal compliances
  • Preparation of Compensation and Benefits Manual
  • Advisory Services in regards with the payroll
  • Issuance of  Pay slip to the employees




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