The financial records examined and approved by a Chartered Accountant are of great importance for an organization to make crucial business decisions. In fact, the attested financial statements not only affect the decision making of the organization only but also of investors, business associates, customers, financial institutes and governmental and non governmental bodies associated with it. Needless to say that if you are running a business, you ought to avail the services of an expert Chartered Accountant.

Why You Need A Chartered Accountant For Business?
Chartered Accountant supports your business in a broad spectrum of job responsibilities, at various levels. Some of these job responsibilities are:

  • Operational Level: At operational level, the professional accountant can perform the roles of Systems Analyst, Financial Or Performance Analyst, Resources Manager, Business Unit Controller, Cost Accountant or Business Support Manager.
  • Management & Leadership: At the management level, the Chartered Accountant can lead your company as Chief Operating Officer (COO), Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Financial Director (FD), Chief Financial Officer (CFO), Director of Operations or Treasurer.
  • Management Control: To handle and control the management of your company, the Charted Accountant can perform the job responsibilities as Risk Manager, Business Assurance Manager, Internal Auditor or Compliance Manager.
  • Stakeholder Communications & Bookkeeping: For better business communications with the stakeholders and for advanced bookkeeping, the Chartered Accountant may perform roles as head of reporting, management or financial accountant group controller or investor relations manager.

Given the above-mentioned roles, the Chartered Accountant can be identified as:

  • Enabler of value: by enlightening and guiding operational as well as managerial decision making. And also by implementation of plans and policies to attain sustainable value creation along with strategizing, monitoring, and development of the sustaining processes.
  • Creator of value: by undertaking the leadership role in the formation and execution of plans, strategies, structures, policies and governance measures which eventually establish the route for attaining sustainable value.
  • Preserver of value: by assuring the safety of a sustainable value creation approach against financial, strategic and operational risks, and ensuring obedience with standards, regulations and good practices.
  • Reporter of value: by make it easy to set transparent communication with the stakeholders.

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