In order to offer a globally competitive environment for exports, in April 2000, the Indian Government announced a SEZ (Special Economic Zones) scheme. The chief objective of SEZ is making tax free and duty free services and goods available easily. As a result, this will attract foreign and domestic investments.

What Are Special Economic Zones (SEZs)?
Special Economic Zones (SEZs) are such trading centers that are developed to encourage and promote domestic venture with the help of free trade policies. These policies are implemented by the government for expansion and development of public and private sector companies. As a result, Special Economic Zones Registration has become popular and numerous multinational companies and overseas investors are getting registered and setting up their individual units. This registration is done by Special Economic Zones Registration Consultants.

Who Are Special Economic Zones Consultants?
Special Economic Zones Registration (SEZ) Consultants are qualified experts from the fields of cost accounting, chartered accounting, IT consulting, etc, who are professional in dealing with numerous corporate issues. They provide Special Economic Zones (SEZ) Solutions to their clients and offer them specialized support in developing their businesses in this zone.


SEZ Consultancy Firms in India Offer Assistance In:

  • Checking relevant information on SEZ opportunities including location and more
  • Preparation of the Project Reports
  • Preparation of application for approval from Ministry of Commerce, Related State Government, and Ministry of Finance and timely follow-ups
  • Getting approvals from Development Commissioners
  • DTA procurement and Import procurement documentation
  • Maintaining Registers and Records
  • Preparing Monthly Returns
  • Maintaining Half Yearly Consumption Records
  • Obtaining Job work permissions and various removals

Many SEZ Consultancy Firms in India offer end-to-end solutions such as Regulatory Support, Compliance Support and Litigation Support & Representations that include assistance all throughout the preparation of project report to beginning of commercial operation of SEZs. Details of the same are, as under:

  • Approval of SEZ, letter of permission (LOP) / renewal of letter of permission, green card, Import Export Code Number.
  • Permission for inter-unit capital goods transfer, waste and scrap disposal, production capacity enhancement, change of location, DTA sale, getting NOC for materials or premises de bonding.
  • Structuring of contracts/transactions for indirect tax incidence optimization, planning tax efficient business models, conducting complete business operation reviews, Tax related advisory.
  • Drafting appeals & submissions, Representation before relevant Government authorities, Development of economic justification for tariff/non-tariff related concessions.

These SEZ Consultants provide total assistance to developers as well as commercial companies in developing and maintaining their business in SEZ zones. Various companies continue to benefit from their expertise in this core area and to meet the growing need of such companies, more & more SEZ Consultants in Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai and many other cities are coming up to give professional assistance.