Chartered Accountants are professionals that provide their accounting services to individuals and businesses. Financial statements of any business are very crucial documents that speak for the financial standing of the company.  Hence, it is their responsibility to prepare and analyze all the financial documents and ensure that all the taxes are paid efficiently on time. They are qualified in handling of financial transactions and play a major role in maintaining the credibility of the business in front of the suppliers, investors, customers, banks, government, tax authorities, employees and competitors. Some of the duties that Chartered Accountants perform are listed below.

Duties Of A Chartered Accountants

  • Chartered Accountants prepare personal and corporate income tax statements and formulate different tax saving tactics. They also make important decisions regarding merger or acquisition, property investment, deferral of taxes and other expense related issues.
  • Chartered Accountants take important decisions regarding capital budgeting and business analysis§    . They also take crucial decisions regarding cost analysis, analysis of new contracts and controlling and managing the expenses. They work in collaboration with the marketing and finance personnel to develop new strategies for businesses.
  • Chartered Accountants are responsible for managing and developing the organization’s financial plans. They keep complete track on the financial health of the company. They are also responsible for the timely payment of the taxes.
  • Chartered Accountants prepare ledgers and participate in the major decisions of the company involving mergers and acquisition, long term financial projections and benefits planning. They check the financial statements and accounting ledgers of the corporate organizations.

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