The Software Technology Park Scheme governs the units which undertake the export of the entire production of goods and services. All such units dealing with such kinds of exports have to become registered members of the Software Technology Scheme.

Process Of STPI Registration:

  • The unit seeking registration has to first submit an application in the prescribed format to the Software Technology Parks Of India.
  • Along with this application, details of the proposed Software Project have to be submitted, mentioning the business plans, means of finance and the mode of export.
  • The business plan has to consist of the company profile, promoters background, marketing strategies, services offered, manpower plans, details of foreign collaborators, copy of the rent agreement and copy of the invoice of the Internet service provider.
  • Financial Statements has to consist of details regarding the total cost of the project, projected balance sheet, the fund flow statement and details of the estimated number of employees and wage bill for the first five years.
  • This application has to be signed in the initials by the concerned authority on every page and duly stamped.
  • The Certificate Of Incorporation, under the Companies Act Of 1956, Memorandum Of Association, Articles Of Association has to be submitted along with the registration application.
  • FIPB/RBI approval has to be sought for bringing in NRI Repatriation and Foreign Equity before filing for registration of STPI.
  • A copy of this approval has to be submitted with the registration form.
  • If the proposed project is concerned with setting up of the STP as 100% Subsidiary/Branch office, then a copy of the incorporation certificate of the concerned company with its board’s resolution for setting up the subsidiary has to be submitted with the registration application.
  • A copy of the lease deed or the sale deed of the proposed STP premises also has to be submitted.
  • The details of all previous export performances have to be submitted with the registration application.
  • The initial application processing fee is Rs 2500 and Rs 50000 has to be paid at the time of the execution of the legal agreement.

The proper process of registration has to be followed to get registered under the Software Technology Park Scheme before starting the actual exports.