Trademark Registration is a process of registering a logo, mark or sign as a symbol of any organization and product or service offered by it. Apart from organization, product and service, Trademark Registration can also be done for Intellectual Properties like arts, music, experiments, research and even writings. The owner of a particular Trademark can be an organization or an individual. The time duration for the validity of a Registered Trademark is 10 years, after which it can be renewed for the next 10 years by paying a nominal amount.

Trademark Registration in India is not a very complex procedure but it requires certain documents and credentials which makes this procedure time consuming. It would be advisable to hire a lawyer or contact a Law Firm based in India for hassle-free Registration of Trademark. Following are few things that you must consider while Registering Trademark in India:

  • You must avoid selecting a Trademark symbol which is identical to any other Registered Trademark symbol.
  • Do proper research about Trademark Registration Laws of India. As compared to unregistered trademarks, registered ones prove more advantageous. A registered trademark owner has the right to file suit in case of infringement.
  • Search for a reliable and experienced Law Firm for Trademark Registration in order to avoid fraudulent entities. You can avoid Trademark conflicts by taking a legal help of a reliable and experienced lawyer, who has good working experience in the Trademark Registration domain.

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