In today’s advanced and competitive world, every company is getting registered with Corporate Law Firms to avail professional Company Law Related Services. Company Law Services facilitate smooth completion of various business activities touching legal areas. Corporate Law Firms are playing an important role in offering several Corporate as well as Commercial Law Services.

What is Corporate Law Firm?
Formed by one or more lawyers, a Corporate Law Firm is a business entity that is engaged in practice of law. The chief service offered by Corporate Law Firm is to advise clients regarding their legal responsibilities and rights. This firm also represents its clients in criminal or civil cases, business dealings, and many other issues that require legal advice and other such kind of assistance.

Company Law Services:
Companies are governed by Companies Act, 1956 and it is mandatory to register them with the Registrar of Companies (ROC), which is the competent authority. For various statutory requirements, the companies need to file requisite documents from time to time. Here arises the need for Corporate Law Firms that are engaged in Offering Varieties Of Company Law Services.

They Offer Following Company Law Services:

  • Getting DIN and Digital Signature either of the director of company or its secretary
  • Integration of  Private or Public Company under Section 25
  • Statutory report and statutory meeting
  • Remuneration and appointment of directors
  • Reconstruction, amalgamation or merger of companies
  • Issues regarding shifting of registered office, name change, allotment of shares, rise in authorized capital, etc.
  • Buying back of shares or their further issue
  • Registration and modification of charge
  • Allotment of shares at par or premium
  • Conversions of firms
  • Filing of public documents and forms needed by Registrar Of Companies
  • Preparation of various documents
  • Preparing and maintaining notice and minute of meetings, directors’ report, etc.
  • Preparing and uploading annual return
  • Issues regarding directors, shareholders and management of company
  • Any issue related to Companies Act, 1956 that requires consultancy
  • Preparing statutory registers and records

The team of Corporate Law Firms comprises of Chartered Accountants and Company Secretary who are fully equipped with all the intricacies of the Companies Act and Company Laws. They offer legal assistance regarding every issue of the company like intellectual property, registration, taxation, trademark registration and a lot more.