A business requires number of advisory services for its financial dealings. With the growth and expansion in the corporate sector throughout the world, Corporate Advisory Services have become a major necessity. The transformed business scenario in India also has led to the establishment of such firms offering Corporate Advisory Services here.

What is Corporate Advisory Service?
Corporate Advisors are ones who provide financial assistance in various domains and helps in the smooth functioning of a company. Corporate Advisory Service means the advisory services that are offered to corporate entities in order to assist them in the financial aspects of their operations. Corporate Advisory Service provides the much needed intelligence and assistance to incorporate the latest developments in one’s business based on the industry trends, supply chain management, product lifecycle management, production management, etc. The strength of corporate advisory is that the advisors are expert chartered accountants having sound business judgment and therefore, help the business in delivering outstanding commercial results.

Services Offered By Corporate Advisors
Corporate advisory comes from understanding the growing pains of smaller companies in need of capital for expansion. These advisory firms in the field of Corporate Finance provides services like-
·    Maintenance of Accounts
·    Mergers and acquisition
·    Auditing
·    Income Tax matters
·    Generation of funds
·    Planning of business services
·    Trademark Registration

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