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Role of a Chartered Accountant in an Organization
A business involves a lot of book keeping, auditing, managing accounts, tax filings, liabilities and many other allied activities. If you decide to do it yourself, and you are not experienced, it will be a hassle and will cost you lot of time. At such a time, the need for a Charted Accountant is felt. The backbone of an organization, an accountant manages the entire finances of the company. He is competently qualified to clarify the legal facets associated to the legalities of a company, specifically in conducting Auditng & Assurance Services . A Chartered Accountant is your best ally, who looks after your books, tax filings and liabilities so that you can fully utilize your time and energy to concentrate on your business. Therefore, an accountant plays an essential role in an organization. He works all year around and not just during the tax sessions. A Chartered Accountant is skilled at solving your financial issues.

Your business can flourish only when you choose the right accountant. Today the situation is such that anyone can call himself a charted accountant and offer accountancy services. Hence, it becomes very important for a company to cautiously hire a well-qualified accountant. A company should look for a Chartered Accountant who has passed three qualifying examinations and has 30 months of experience before appointing him as a Charted Accountant in their company. Apart from a thorough knowledge about their subject, they must adhere to a professional code of conduct.

A proficient Charted Accountant builds a long lasting relationship with the clients of the company that may prove to be useful in the later years. Further, he helps in decreasing the tax liabilities so that you can retain more profits. To be precise, a professional Chartered Accountant is capable of handling your financial matters competently.
A Chartered Accountant caters to the following needs of the organization:

Establishes an effective accounting system adapted to the company

Careful analysis of accounts

Creation of transitional situation

The review of accounting records

Implementation on management accounting

The preparation of annual accounts

The preparation of budget evaluations

The establishment of a cost accounting

Dealing with Investment projects and budget control

Help with cash management, examining the funding trend in the market and building relationships with financial institution

Manages the Taxation process of a company

Preparation of all tax returns

With globalization, the role of a Charted Accountant has become more and more important. Hence, they are the most demanded professionals in any industry. At this point, when there are an increasing number of companies and organizations coming up everyday, one can realize the importance of a Charted Accountant in an organization. He is the one who performs multiple tasks for a company, reducing its losses and increasing its profits. Furthermore, the benefits that your business receives from the services of Chartered Accountants are too much as compared to the inadequate salary offered to them.

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